Studio Policies




Empire Dance Shop of Spokane has our leo requirements and can help you by email or phone for leos and supplies. You have the first couple weeks of class to get your class wear of leo, tights, and shoes. There will be times to wear other leos such as lyrical, prepointe, rehearsals, and special days. If you already have a class leo in the color required, it may work for the year, however, we are hoping to get everyone the same leo for costuming and uniformity.




POLICIES 2020-21 (Printable PDF)




  1. Pink dance tights and pink ballet flats. Class leotards are required. Dance tights and canvas or leather shoes are required. Split-sole flats required for B1 and up.
  2. Hair must be neatly up, secured away from face and off neck, in a bun. No bracelets and necklaces.



White or class color t-shirt/black shorts or leggings. White canvas shoes/white socks. Dance belt is encouraged for Ballet 1 up.


Please mark dance items in pen with your name.


  1. Tuition adjustment will be given only in the event of prolonged illness or injury.
  2. Please make up any absences in another class that is a lower level than yours.
  3. If a child drops, adjusted fees will be refunded at the end of a Session unless we are in show season.


PROMPTNESS:It is essential that all students arrive at the studio in time to prepare for class. In order to change clothes, fix hair, and warm-up properly, one should allow at least 15 minutes.

***As students get more advanced, their bodies require more warm-up time. Injury is a common result of lack of a proper warm-up. Come early, dress, warm-up, fix your hair and BE READY TO GO!

Doors always are open 30 minutes before classes start.



  1. Students are asked to be quiet and courteous upon entering the Club Room.
  2. Please don’t leave the dressing room a mess. Many others use the same space.
  3. Respect our art and be friendly to other dancers, newcomers and guests.
  4. During class the studio atmosphere should be a studious and working one.
  5. Parents can observe upon special request and on teacher appointed days.
  6. People can stop by and lounge in the Club Room at their leisure.


DEPARTURE:Please allow your child time to change clothes and gather their things after class and say goodbye to their friends. It takes about 10 minutes for the dancers to be ready to go so schedule pick-up accordingly. Teachers cannot monitor waiting children while they are teaching. Please make it clear to your little one where they should wait for their ride. Children may sit in the studio and watch as the next class starts or wait in the Clubroom. Prompt pickup at night, please, as the teachers want to get home for dinner.


CONFERENCES: Teachers are available for parent/student conferences. Please feel free to discuss any concerns or questions you have that come up during the year.   Often, we are not aware of a problem and will gladly deal with it when brought to light.   Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity between classes to talk, but do call to set up an appointment. It is important to have the student there as well. We request that texting is not used for lengthy discussions.


  1. Students must be obedient and respectful to be teachable.
  2. Infractions will be met by a parent phone call &/or conference.
  3. Three occurrences of disrespect or disobedience and the dancer will be dismissed from dance for that year.
  4. Tuition for the Session in which the dismissal occurs will not be refunded.



There is a rental fee per dancer for the borrowed studio costumes for each show; some special show costumes will be purchased by the parents. Long personal garment bags and a 6 tier clip hanger are required for all dancers. Due October 1st. Both are available at Walmart in laundry section. Attendance at rehearsals is MANDATORY & vital to other dancers and teachers. Class Moms receive show comp tickets. Check our calendar now.